We support your Mansion Nairankai (buyer's on-site inspection).


Values of our Mansion Nairankai Support.

1. Close review of the sales documents before Mansion Nairankai.

We will review all sales documents (except sales contract) in detail.
(mainly drawings and specification leaflets/pamphlets)
After reviewing more than 400 points of the documents, we will produce original check-sheet of your unit. Our check-sheet usually shows 150 checkpoints picked up in case of 3LDK flat. We will send the check-sheet in advance for your reference.
check points inside the flat

2. Communication ability for your support at Mansion Nairankai.

Communication ability is critical. Yoshio KIDO, representative of the company, holds Japanese First Class Architect License(No. 272464), and has experiences collaborating with English, American, French architectural professionals. He has strong abilities to identify and tackle multicultural realestate/construction issues.

3. Japanese legal support is essential.

Our affiliate lawyer MR Toshiaki TOYOSAKI (right) For your legal issue, we will introduce you to our affiliate legal office.
If you leave any dispute unsolved on Mansion Nairankai, we will introduce you to our affiliate legal office. Our affiliate legal office is chosen for their wide range experience around realestate issues.

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Yoshio KIDO Mr Yoshio KIDO started attending Nairankai in 1999. He has taken nomination not only from Japanese but also from European, American and Chinese investors living in Japan.