Mansion Nairankai is the buyer's on-site inspection day.


Why Mansion Nairankai is important?

In Japan, newly built condominium is to be released before building is completed. After completion of the building the sellers arrange an opportunity for buyer to check whether the flat does not have malfunction.

This is called Mansion Nairankai.

Are you sure to cope with Mansion Nairankai by yourself?

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Do you have ideas when seller does not accept your claim on Mansion Nairankai?

In Japan, a condominium is under control of 3 laws.
They also influence on Mansion Nairankai. Do you know how?

What is the matter to be pointed out until Mansion Nairankai and what do you do to check it precisely on Mansion Nairanakai?

Buy-side strong supporter on your Mansion Nairankai.

Yoshio Kido Yoshio Kido, the representative of KZ Atelier Co., ltd. will join your Mansion Nairankai.
Mr Kido holds a Japanese First Class Architect License (No. 272464), and has taken nomination from European, American and Chinese investors living in Japan.
He has knowledge and experience that can break off your doubts and uneasiness.

1999: Launched Mansion Nairankai support business.
2004: Put up an expert team with lawyer and financial advisor to provide useful information to first home buyers through Internet.
2005: Just after the issue of structure check forgery outbreak that shook the Japanese inside, he was interviewed for The Mainichi Shimbun(one of three national Japanese daily newspaper), and his comment was carried by a national version.
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Mansion Nairankai Support Flow

check sheet
1.Exclusive check sheet will be produced for your flat before Mansion Nairankai.

2.On the day of Mansion Nairankai, we start from checking the operation of ventilation. We also check the rest of functions/equipments and point out questionable points to the seller immediately on the spot.

KIDO and his client on the left, seller ont the right
3.Finally, we confirm the indication contents written on the contract documents, asking some important questions to check whether the building quality is satisfactory to get delivered.

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