We support your Mansion Nairankai (buyer's on-site inspection).


Disclaimer (please read without fail)

Appendix 1

For making our check-sheet, we need your following documents:
1. Whole set of sales pamphlet (except sales contract)
a) Pamphlet of the building, drawings (including revised drawings if any)
b) Specification of the building and your flat
2. Explaining Document of Important Points (EDIP)
3. After- Service manual for the building
4. Optional work order, if any.

Appendix 2

On the day of Mansion Nairanaki, please bring followings with you:
1. Our check-sheet which we sent to you in advance
2. All the documents shown in the above Note 1
3. Camera, notebook and pencil etc. (for your use)

Appendix 3

We bring followings with us:
1. Scale
2. Leveler()
3. Spotlight

Appendix 4

We are not the principal of Mansion Nairankai (on-site customer's inspection) and are your assistant.

Appendix 5

Our support does not include following 3 items:
1. Checking of inside the wall and the building structure that are invisible from outside.
2. Any suggestion or comment about sales contract
3. Measurement of noise level or chemical radiation level

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